Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation is an important maintenance procedure that ensures that you get the most from your tires.

How Often?

Sturman and Larkin Ford service advisers recommend rotating your tires every 5000-8000 miles. If you have a question, feel free to give us a call or you may check your owner’s manual.

Why is tire rotation necessary?

The front tires of your car will generally wear faster than the rear. This happens because the front tires are responsible for steering your car and providing most of the stopping power, or grip, when you useĀ the brakes. This is especially the case when driving the hills of Pittsburgh.

What is the benefit?

As your tires wear, they do so unevenly. By rotating your vehicles tires on a regular schedule, you ensure that all four tires wear the same amount over their lifetime. This ensures a longer lifespan, proper traction and comfortable ride. Not regularly rotating your tires may also negatively impact your tire warranty.

What about All-Wheel Drive systems?

Tire rotationĀ is especially important in AWD vehicles. Because of the way that the traction control system constantly adjusts power to each wheel based on tire rotational speed, having unevenly worn tires may damage the system.

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