Service Engine Soon

What Does it Mean?

You may see a Service Engine Soon light for a variety of reasons. Most of them are not an indication of an immediate failure. However, in addition to decreased performance, if the proper action is not taken soon it could cost you a lot more money later on. Having the problem addressed immediately by our qualified technicians can save you a lot of money.

Common Causes

  • Bad Spark Plug
  • Loose or Bad Wires
  • Bad Oxygen Sensor
  • Damaged Catalytic Converter
There may be more problems that can cause a service engine soon light to appear in your specific vehicle, so it is important to have a Ford Certified Technician take a look immediately.

What are other symptoms?

In addition to the Service Engine Soon light, you may also experience:

  • Decreased Engine Power
  • Irregular Engine Idle
  • Engine Running Rough
  • No Accelerator Response

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