Brake Service

Your vehicle’s brakes are probably one of the most important components next to the engine. After all, once you get moving, you most likely want to stop without hitting anything. For your brakes to operate properly, they need to be properly maintained. In addition, replacing the brake pads at the right time may save you some serious cash. Sturman and Larkin Ford is dedicated to providing you with the best brake service in the Pittsburgh area.

How Vehicle Brakes Work

Brakes use friction to slow down your vehicle. In the case of the old drum-style brakes, the brake pads are pushed outward toward the drum. With the newer disc brakes, a caliper “grabs” or clamps down on a stationary disc or rotor. In both cases, the pads are meant to slowly wear over time while the drum and disc are more durable.

When to Replace Your Vehicle Brakes

When your brakes begin to reach the end of their life, a few things may happen. You may feel a few things like:

  • Grinding
  • Squishy Pedal (or have a harder time stopping)
  • Steering Wheel Shudder

Other Symptoms:

  • Hear a Squealing Noise
  • Smell a Strange Odor
  • Some cars will even display a brake light on the dash
If you experience any of these symptoms, you should have your brakes serviced immediately to avoid damage or an accident.

Proper, Regular Inspections Can Save You Money

By regularly inspecting your vehicle’s brakes, you can catch problems before damaging your rotors and other components. At Sturman and Larkin Ford, we regularly inspect your brakes during every oil change and tire rotation to ensure that your brake system is functioning properly.

What We Look For

When we perform a brake service or inspection, we look at a few items, such as:

  • Brake Pad Wear
  • Rotor Wear
  • Damage, such as cracks and warping.

If damage to a rotor is caught early enough, resurfacing the rotor may be the right option. It is much less expensive than replacement.

How Often Should They Be Inspected?

You vehicle’s brakes should be checked every 10,000 miles or once per year. In Pennsylvania, a good service department will inspect the brakes during your regular state inspection. There are some times when you should inspect your brakes more frequently:

  • You Have a Lead Foot – If you are a more aggressive driver and you tend to use your brakes a lot, increasing the frequency of your brake inspections is advised.
  • You Live in Pittsburgh – It’s simple. hilly environments require more brakes to stop and slow down. This is one reason why we inspect customer brakes more often.
  • Vehicle Type – Larger, heavier vehicles are generally harder on brakes also and may require more frequent inspections.

Why Sturman and Larkin Ford Service

There is no reason not to come to Sturman and Larkin Ford for brake service. We offer competitive pricing for all makes and models, we carry genuine Ford Motorcraft parts, and we have high standards for all of our Ford Certified Technicians. The best choice to service your vehicle is Sturman and Larkin Ford Service.